ATLEIN (“AT-LINE”) is a French fashion house based in Paris founded in 2016 by designer Antonin Tron committed to sustainable creation.

A dedicated surfer, Antonin designs with a focus on the body, its energy and movement. The name ATLEIN is homage to the Atlantic Ocean and the natural world.

With ATLEIN, he aims to present an alternative proposition for women based on quality and integrity. Antonin’s work is based on flou and the process of creation by hand, defined by the draping and shaping of the material around the body. This human and physical approach to design is central to his practice. 

ATLEIN was created as an independent site for creative research based on Antonin’s core values and social engagement, with the aim of establishing a positive system of creation and production. ATLEIN’s designs aim to minimize environmental impact by adopting a series of alternative industrial solutions, including upcycling, short-circuit manufacturing and the use of natural and recycled materials.    

Each ATLEIN collection starts with the research and selection of qualitative deadstock fabrics sourced from factories and suppliers in France and Italy. The materials and colors found inform the vision of the collection to come. In this alternative design process, the creative vision is based on what is already available, and it is then expanded with the introduction of newly sourced materials. The first collection of ATLEIN for FW16 was completely upcycled, and every collection since has included an upcycled program.

 Upcycling: In 2018, Antonin started working on sustainable fabric development, introducing each season new fabrics now continuative in each collection. Examples are the Vegan leather, a compact jersey with a natural indigo treatment, and the recyled twill, a soft fabric made with recycled plastic.  With The FW21 season, ATLEIN introduced a new range of recycled fabrics, such as the recycled printed jersey, the recycled polyester, the recycled sport jersey and the recycled nylon for outerwear. The most important novelty in the collection is the introduction of the new SEAQUAL® FIBER ( The SEAQUAL® YARN is a high quality 100% post-consumer recycled polyester yarn containing upcycled marine plastic from the SEAQUAL INITIATIVE, which Antonin used to develop a series of new generation sustainable jerseys.



Born in Paris in 1984, Antonin Tron studied fashion design at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp and apprenticed with designer Raf Simons and stylist Olivier Rizzo. Upon graduation in 2008, Antonin returned to Paris and joined the studios of Louis Vuitton, Givenchy and Balenciaga, before establishing ATLEIN in March 2016.  


ATLEIN is the recipient of the 2016 ANDAM Creative Brand Prize and the 2018 ANDAM Grand Prize.