ATLEIN (“AT-LINE”) is a French fashion house based in Paris founded in 2016 by designer Antonin Tron.

A dedicated surfer, Antonin designs with a focus on the body, its energy and movement. The name ATLEIN is homage to the Atlantic Ocean and the natural world.

Antonin’s work is based onflouand the process of creation by hand, defined by the draping and shaping of the material around the body. This human and physical approach to design is central to his practice.

ATLEIN is an independent fashion house for a new generation, based on Antonin’s core values and social engagement. ATLEIN’s designs aim to minimize environmental impact by adopting a series of alternative industrial solutions, including upcycling, short-circuit manufacturing and the use of natural and recycled materials.    

ATLEIN is committed to creating enduring, timeless products and running a local supply chain. Fabrics and accessories are sourced between Italy and France, garments are produced in independent ateliers located in the Paris region known for their quality and craftmanship. The ATLEIN proposition is an edited and seasonless offer of designs created to maintain relevance over time. ATLEIN does not use leather, fur, exotic skins, feathers or fibers derived from plastic. ATLEIN is the recipient of the 2016ANDAM Creative Brand Prizeand the 2018ANDAM Grand Prize.ANTONIN TRON
Born in Paris in 1984, Antonin Tron studied fashion design at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of Antwerp. Upon graduation, Antonin returned to Paris and joined the studios of some of the most well-known fashion houses, including Louis Vuitton, Givenchy and Balenciaga before establishing ATLEIN in 2016.